Valent fixed rope 1/1200 6 kg

  • Color:white/red/yellow/green
  • Weight:6 kg
  • Size:7200m

Product Parameters

Color white red yellow green
Weight 6 kg 6 kg 6 kg 6 kg
length 7200m 7200m 7200m 7200m

Product Manual


  • Valent Twine 6 kg (7200m)
  • 1/1200 = 1 kg,Approximately 1200 meters of rope per kilometer
  • Valent Twine is ideal for high hanging wire hooks in your tomato, cucumber, eggplant and pepper cultivation. Valent Twine cords are very tough and resistant to moisture, reducing the chance of cord breaking.


  • Strong support for your plants
  • Suitable for free fall, thus saving labor
  • Made of high quality synthetic fiber polypropylene
  • UV protection, standard usage time of 12 months
  • Flexible and soft to plants and employees
  • Not easy to get wet
  • Available in a variety of thicknesses and colors