Tie “James” Li (Chairman & CEO/Interim CFO):
James is the founder, chairman and CEO of Nature’s Miracle. He is a successful entrepreneur and has been involved with over $1 billion investment in the areas of clean energy, agriculture and biotech industry. He has been instrumental with over 10 IPO transactions on Nasdaq and NYSE over the last twenty years. Along with three other partners, he launched a $200 million SPAC (China Hydroelectric Corporation) in 2006. China Hydroelectric Corporation, where James served as CFO, President and CEO, successfully consolidated the small hydroelectric space in China and was the largest small hydroelectric company listed on NYSE. James started his career with Citigroup in the investment banking unit in New York City in 1998. James Li graduated from Columbia Business School in New York with an MBA in 1998. He completed his B.S. in accounting from Brooklyn College. He is a CFA and a CPA. 

Zhiyi “Jonathan” Zhang (COO & Executive Director):
Jonathan is the executive director of Nature’s Miracle and the founder of Visiontech, a Nature’s Miracle company. He has extensive contacts and a working relationship within the indoor growing community in North America. He also has over twenty years of experience in the lighting industry. Over the last ten years, he has built Visontech and its associated brand “efinity” as the premier grow light brand in the indoor cannabis growing community.

Vic Doudakian:
Vic is currently the Vice President of Nature’s Miracle, as a seasoned professional with over twenty years of experience in the agricultural industry. Previously, Vic led the sales team for North American sales and has been responsible for the strategic direction, vision, growth, and performance of the premier grow light brand “Efinity”.

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