Spray Equipment - Meto Automatic Sprayer

  • Battery:24V-110Ah
  • Electric valve:2 pieces
  • Largest Electric Hose Reel:24V
  • The maximum length:130m
  • Standard center size:425cm
  • Pipe diameter:51mm

Product Parameters

Battery 24V-110Ah
Electric valve 2 pieces
Largest Electric Hose Reel 24V
The maximum length 130m
Standard center size 425cm
Pipe diameter 51mm

Product Manual


  • Meto Automatic Sprayer with Traction Battery 24V-110Ah
  • The Meto spraying robot from Berg Hortimotive is ideal for spraying crops automatically, eliminating the need for you to drive yourself between crops. You can set the desired speed, distance and necessary spray points via the touchscreen control panel. This method can not only ensure uniform spraying of crops, but also save manpower and resources, thereby saving costs!


  • The spraying robot can go forward or backward and spray the crop at a constant speed. Additionally, you can instruct the robot to spray a certain part of the path. The spray robot is equipped with a double boom, which makes it easy to spray additionally where needed. The Meto spray robot comes with a ½ hose with a total length of 130 meters, and a hose guide. This means you don't have to pull and drag the hose, reducing wear and tear.


  • Spray evenly
  • save human effort
  • easy to operate
  • suitable for intensive use

use and application

  • The Meto spray robot is suitable for a wide variety of crops: from roses, cucumbers, gerbera to carnations and even potted plants. Each crop has its own needs. So we can adjust the Meto spray robot to suit your needs: center size, path length and boom height. In combination with the Meto transport trolley, the Meto spray robot can move to the next path fully automatically, saving manpower.

The standard configuration

  • Standard features of the Meto automatic sprayer include 2 motorized valves, a 24V max motorized hose reel, 130m max length, 1/2” hose + motor control, and an automatic hose guide + pressure filter. Standard Center size 42,5cm, pipe diameter 51mm, with vulkolan drive and idler.

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