Q4 white (880) 20 kg

  • Buckets used per hectare:10~34
  • Shading rate (illuminance):40%~80%
  • Service life (weeks)+/- :8-25
  • Weather resistance: high

Product Parameters

Buckets used per hectare 10 13 16 20 25 34
Shading rate (illuminance) 40% 45% 55% 65% 75% 80%
Service life (weeks)+/- 8-10 10-12 13-16 17-21 22-24 24-25
Weatherability High High High High High High
The service life is measured under average European climatic conditions. In extreme weather, these values may vary slightly.

Product Manual


  • Q4 White Sunscreen is a premium adjustable sunscreen with superior weather resistance, especially for glass, plastic film, polycarbonate and acrylic materials. Q4 White Sunscreen does not cause excessive wear to roof ridges, even at lower shade rates, and is highly wear resistant, but can be easily removed with Removit. Q4 White Sunscreen is currently the most weather-resistant sunscreen product on the market. Q4 White Sunscreen is a patented product.
  • User experience shows that Q4 White Sunscreen has very low attrition rates on top of the roof. The top of the roof is very important, because in this part of the greenhouse, the sun shines from early morning until evening. However, the top of the greenhouse roof is also the most vulnerable to rain, hail and wind. Q4 White Sunscreen has a very low rate of attrition on roof tops, so many growers consider Q4 White Sunscreen a very good and ideal material.
  • Q4 White sunscreen does not contain any ingredients that are harmful to the environment


  • Strongest sunscreen
  • Strong weather resistance
  • Adjustable shading rate
  • Roof loss is small
  • Easily removed with Removit


  • With Q4 White Sunscreen, it is possible to choose the optimum shade ratio for each crop. By performing proper dilution, the correct shading rate can be selected. The table above shows the corresponding shade rates per hectare of Q4 White Sunscreen.


  • Calculate the number of barrels required by reading the desired shading rate from the table above. Add the sunscreen to the water while stirring. Spray Q4 White Sunscreen evenly on the greenhouse roof using a sufficient amount of spray. The amount of spray liquid required for the roof depends on the application method. If sunscreen is applied mechanically, 1200-1400 litres per hectare is required. For manual application, 1500-1700 liters per hectare is recommended.
  • Constant stirring of the solution is recommended during spraying. Spray Q4 White Sunscreen on a dry, clean surface.
  • Q4 White Sunscreen can be removed from the greenhouse at any time with Removit. Q4 White Sunscreen can be washed off by rain after spraying an appropriate amount of Removit Coating Remover. If it doesn't rain for a long time, you can also manually wash off the Q4 White Sunscreen.


  • Never mix Q4 White with other shading products. Prevent product from entering the pool during application or removal. frost-free storage

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