Q3 white sunscreen (880) 20 kg

  • Buckets used per hectare:13-34
  • Shading rate (illuminance):45%-80%
  • Service life (weeks)+/-:4-24
  • Weather resistance:low to medium

Product Parameters

Buckets used per hectare 13 16 20 25 34
Shading rate (illuminance) 45% 55% 65% 75% 80%
Service life (weeks)+/- 4-8 11-13 14-15 20-22 23-24
Weatherability Low Low Medium Medium Medium
The service life is measured under average European climatic conditions. The data in the table above may change during extreme weather conditions.

Product Manual


  • Q3 White Sunscreen is an intermediate weathering and adjustable sunscreen product specifically designed for use on glass, plastic film, polycarbonate and acrylic materials. Depending on dilution, Q3 White Sunscreen is moderately wear resistant and can be easily removed with Removit Coating Remover. For maximum weatherability below 65% shade, Q4 White Shade is recommended.
  • Q3 White Sunscreen does not contain any environmentally harmful ingredients.


  • Adjustable shading rate
  • medium weather resistance
  • Easily removed with Removit Coating Remover


  • Calculate the number of barrels required by reading the desired shading rate from the table. Add the ingredients in the bucket to the water while stirring. Use enough spray fluid to evenly spray Q3 White Sunscreen. The amount of spray fluid used depends in part on the spray method used. Indicative spray rates are 1200 to 1400 liters per hectare for machine application and 1500 to 1700 liters per hectare for manual application. We recommend continuous or periodic agitation of the solution during application. In dry weather conditions, spray Q3 White Sunscreen on clean, dry underground areas.
  • After the season, Q3 White Sunscreen can be removed quickly and easily with Removit Coating Remover without polluting the environment.


  • Never mix Q3 White Sunscreen with other sunscreens. Prevent product from entering the pool during application or removal. frost-free storage

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