Q2 white sunscreen (880) 20 kg

  • Buckets used per hectare:9-15
  • Shading rate % (illuminance):35%- 80%
  • Service life (weeks)* +/-:10-20

Product Parameters

Buckets used per hectare 9 12 15
Shading rate (illuminance) 35 - 40% 55 - 60% 75 - 80%
Service life (weeks)+/- 10-12 14-16 18-20
* Measured in average Mediterranean climate

Product Manual


  • Q2 White Sunscreen is an affordable adjustable sunscreen. Use Q2 White Opacifier for optimum opacity. Since Q2 White Sunscreen is liquid, it can be diluted according to the needs of the crop to adjust the shading rate.
  • Q2 White Sunscreen Easy to dissolve, easy to apply, easy to remove.


  • Compared with other Q white sunscreen series products, Q2 white sunscreen is cheap and has obvious shading effect.
  • Suitable for polyethylene and glass greenhouses
  • Adjustable shading rate
  • Large area shading with only a small amount
  • Q2 White Sunscreen is resistant to all weather conditions (UV, rain, etc.) and is therefore very durable. Q2 White Sunscreen protects crops from excessive sun exposure. Q2 White Opacifier Can be applied to glass, acrylic, polycarbonate and plastic foil. Q2 White Sunscreen is easy to apply and ensures optimum crop protection, whether applied manually or mechanically.


  • With Q2 White, it is possible to choose the optimum shade ratio for the crop. A suitable shading ratio can be selected by proper dilution The table above shows the number of buckets of Q2 White that need to be applied to achieve a certain shading ratio. The more Q2 White applied per hectare, the more sunlight is reflected. Product can be applied manually or using a machine.
  • Q2 White Sunscreen wears out over the seasons. If Q2 White Sunscreen needs to be removed early, or when the coating is not enough at the end of the season, it can be removed easily and quickly with Removit Coating Remover. When Removit Coating Remover is applied in the correct amount, Q2 White Sunscreen will be washed away by rain or can be removed by rinsing with water.

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