Q-Black Sunscreen (880) 20 kg

  • Buckets used per hectare:13-34
  • Shading rate (illuminance):55%-88%
  • Service life (weeks)+/-:6-23
  • Weather resistance:medium to high

Product Parameters

Buckets used per hectare 13 15 17 20 25 34
Shading rate (illuminance) 55% 60% 68% 74% 81% 88%
Service life (weeks)+/- 6 - 9 10-11 12-14 15-17 18-20 21-23
Weatherability Medium Medium High High High
Dosage is based on 2000 liters of spray solution per hectare

Product Manual


  • Q-Black Sunscreen is an adjustable sunscreen for a wide range of crops and areas where maximum shade is required.
  • The special composition of Q-Black Sunscreen ensures that its cooling performance is very good and can achieve the maximum protection effect.
  • According to our user experience, Q-Black sunscreen has very little loss at the top of the roof. The top shading of the greenhouse is very important because in this part of the greenhouse the sun shines from early morning to late evening. The stable climate conditions guaranteed by Q-Black.


  • Q-Black does not contain any environmentally harmful ingredients.
  • maximum protection of crops
  • Shading rate can be adjusted
  • low loss
  • Can be applied mechanically or manually
  • easy to clean


  • Use the Q-Black for optimal shading of your crop or workspace. The shading rate can be determined by dilution.


  • Q-Black Sunscreen has also been successfully used in the cultivation of Phalaenopsis and other plants. Additionally, Q-Black Opacifier can be used in processing areas or for a better working environment.
  • Calculate the number of buckets needed to get the correct shading percentage (you can look it up from the table above). Mix the sunscreen and water evenly. Use enough spray fluid to evenly spray Q-Black Sunscreen. The amount of spray fluid used depends on the spray method. For mechanical spraying, 1200-1400 liters per hectare should be sprayed. In the case of manual spraying, 1500-1700 liters per hectare is recommended. It is recommended to keep stirring the liquid while applying the sunscreen.
  • Please apply Q-Black Sunscreen in a dry environment, and make sure the sprayed surface is clean.

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