Irrigation System


    Seedling spray irrigation fertilizer applicator is a kind of intelligent equipment specially designed by Nature's Miracle for the whole seedling system. The equipment system can monitor and adjust fertilizer ration in real time while automatic fertilization and irrigation, and provide the safest fertilization environment and the most efficient replenishment system for seedlings.The system can control the fertilizing process of seedling by hand or by remote control. Users can choose the control mode according to their needs, independently control the whole process of fertilizing and watering, and carry out reasonable irrigation and fertilization according to the needs of seedling development.The real-time dynamic flow chart of the system enables users to see the fertilization process clearly and timely.The system is also equipped with analarm system, which enables users to monitor the operating condition of the equipment at any time. This system makes seedling cultivation simple, visual and controllable. It is the world's leading intelligent agricultural


    Compared with traditional one, the cost of SSIFA can be reduced by 58%, more than 620 yuan can be saved per mu of land quarterly.


    Microcomputer touch screen (customizable) controlling, through simple setting can realized automatic work.

    High efficiency

    The fertilizer efficiency is startle, the nutrient utilization rate is up to 90%, and the water pollution and soil pollution caused by excessive fertilization could be reduced


    One-on-one fertilization schemes can be developed according to the characteristics of different crops to meet the requirements of needs of various crops in different periods.


    According to the demands of users, the corresponding functions can be reasonably changed to meet the requirements of various types of greenhouse fertilization.


    One set of equipment solves both irrigation and fertilization problems at the same time, achieving the goal in one step.

    Yield Rate

    It can improve the quality of planted crops, realizing the increase in yield, and increasing the income by 20%.


    The mixing liquid barrel adopts new engineering plastics, which are anti-aging and corrosion resistant and can be used for a lifetime.


    Ec, Ph, flow detection equipment and control interface can be customized to meet customer requirements.


    Ensure that the irrigation process is completed in the cleanest water and fertilizer environment,supporting water and fertilizer recycling to reduce waste and pollution.

    Schematic Diagram

    The equipment sends a start command, and the stored pure water enters the fertilizer-water mixing tank through the filter, and at the same time, the fertilizer and acidbase are evenly mixed with the water in the fertilizer-water mixing tank through the Venturi valve. When the liquid level in the bucket exceeds the opening level of the water pump, the water pump is turned on for watering. At the same time, according to the EC and PH detection of the effluent, the equipment automatically adjusts the amount of fertilizer to achieve dynamic balance. In the repetitive cycle, if the liquid level of the bucket reaches the high limit, the water will stop, and when the liquid level is low, the water will enter automatically.


    Parameters value
    Model MPFX-B MPFX-A
    Dimensions/m³ 1.23*0.91*1.39 3.00*2.00*1.70
    Power three-phase five-wire three-phase five-wire
    Power/kW 4.2/4.6 28
    Touch screen/inch 7/10 7/10
    Rate of flow/m³ 15/20 40-130
    Irrigated area/Ha <7 >7

    User Interface


    Parameters Value
    Model HEE-20
    Dimensions/m³ 1.25*0.65*1.12
    Input power three-phase five-wire
    Power/kW 4.2
    Rate of flow/m³ 10-28
    Heat exchange area/㎡ 3.6

    Megaphoton heat exchanger is composed of heat exchanger, intelligent temperature control device, circulating pump, electric control cabinet, base, pipeline, valve, instrument, sensor, etc. The heat exchange equipment has a standardized and modular design, complete configuration and installation. Convenient, efficient and energy-saving. The heat exchange unit has the advantages of compact structure, reliable operation, simple and intuitive operation, etc. It is a high-efficiency and energy-saving product.


    Parameters Value
    Model PAE-20
    Dimensions/m³ 1.25*0.9*0.99
    Input power three-phase five-wire
    Power/kW 4.6
    Rate of flow/m³ 20
    pH Resolution 0.01
    The acid conditioner can ensure that the plant obtains a stable pH value, so that the plant can absorb the fertilizer more efficiently and significantly improve the quality of the crop. The acid conditioner is a water pretreatment unit. It is specially designed to prevent problems caused by excessive bicarbonate. It has the effect of removing bicarbonate, so that the pH control of the fertilizer applicator becomes stable, so that it can act on the roots of plants. The pH of the irrigation solution will not rise. At the same time, we need to know that not all bicarbonate should be removed, as long as the concentration of bicarbonate is reduced to an ideal range, which can not only keep the pH value of the fertilizer applicator stable, but also allow the plants It is easier to absorb trace elements such as iron, zinc, copper and boron.

    Parameters Value
    Model WSPT-8,12,20,60 CPWSPT-8,12,20,60
    Dimensions/m³ 1.8*0.63*1 1.8*0.63*1
    Input power three-phase five-wire three-phase five-wire
    Power/kW 2.2,3,4.4,45 2.2,3,4.4,45
    Rate of flow/m³ 8,12,20,60 8,12,20,60
    pressure / Constant voltage adjustable

    Through the control of the equipment water pump (stepless speed regulation), the user's greenhouse pipe network can be supplied with (constant pressure) water.

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