Menno ter forte Algae fungus disinfectant 10L

  • Uses:empty greenhouse/warehouse/paving etc.
  • Dosage:0.4%-0.65%
  • Recommended water volume:2,000-3,000 liters/ha

Product Parameters

Uses Dosage Recommended water volume
Empty Greenhouse/Warehouse/Paving/Brick Path/Wall 0.65% 2,000- 3,000 liters/ha
Glass/Curb/Data Floor/Concrete Floor 0.4% 2,000-3,000 liters/ha
Growing Table Without Irrigation Pad 0.4% 0.2-0.3 liters/square
Plant Container/Cutting Tray/Drip System/Plant Nursery 0.4% immersion in solution
Empty Storage Area - Dry Surface 0.2% 2,000-3,000 liters/ha
Empty Storage Area - Wet Surface 0.4% 2,000-3,000 liters/ha

Product Manual

product description

  • Menno ter forte Menno ter Forte from Menno Chemie is a fungicide based on the quaternary ammonium compound DDAC.


  • Powerful and fast effects
  • No steam effect
  • stable solution
  • measurable effectiveness
  • Suitable for shoe disinfection

How to use

  • Menno ter Forte fights green deposits (algae) and bacteria very quickly and effectively. Works best and fastest if the surface or material to be treated is first rinsed with clean water. Menno ter Forte is suitable for the treatment of glass curbs, concrete floors, irrigation mats, tillage tables, footwear and disinfection trays, plant containers, cutting trays and plant nursery boxes.

Instructions for use

  • Menno ter Forte is harmful to plants. Therefore, avoid direct contact with plants. As long as the treated material has not been in contact with plant roots within 2-3 weeks and has been fully dried, the material does not need to be rinsed with water before use. Always rinse irrigation pads well, as they retain the Menno ter Forte solution.

measurable effectiveness

  • The concentration of Menno ter Forte can be easily measured with the help of specially developed test strips. The degree of discoloration of the paper indicates the concentration after immersion. This makes it easy to check that the operation is still in top shape. In this way, ineffective disinfection due to insufficient dose, or waste caused by using too much disinfectant will be avoided.

storage and transportation

  • Always store crop protection products in crop protection product cabinets equipped with drip trays and ventilation.
  • The transport of chemical crop protection products containing hazardous substances must comply with the law (ADR).
  • When collecting crop protection products and other hazardous products from stores or distribution centers, etc., you may have certain obligations under the ADR regulations during transportation.

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