LED Inter-Lighting Tubo Series

By focusing their mission on continual consistency, Nature's Miracle is on the forefront of crop cultivation, extraction and production LED Inter-Lighting by controlling their manufacturing process from start to finish. They have been able to achieve their goal of delivering consistent products to the market by investing in research, technology and focusing on operations efficiencies to increase crop yields and potency while reducing operating costs.

  • High efficient lighting solutions - up to 300μmol/s
  • Minimize energy costs by choosing a tailor-made interlighting module according to your specific needs.
  • The yield could be increased by more than 30% by increasing the interplant supplementary light
  • Low installation cost by Plug and Play system.
  • Single or multi-layer installation, convenient hook connection
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • IP66 and long lifetime guarantee.

    Model ML-IXG10000
    Frequency 50/60Hz
    Input Voltage 200~400VAC
    Power Consumption 100W
    Power Factor 0.9
    PPF 310μmol/s
    Efficiency 3.1μmol/j
    Ingress protection IP66
    Lifetime 36,000hrs
    Warranty 3 years
    Operational Phase Grow and Bloom phase
    Suggested assemble height <1.0M/3.28ft
    Carton Dimensions L2555×W225×H120mm / 2pcs/carton
    Weight 4.6kg/10.14ib

    DIMENSIONS (mm/in)

    L1 2480/97.6
    L2 2442/96.1
    W 70/2.76
    H 85/3.35
  • Product Spectrum Report

    Height(cm/in) LUX PPFD(μmol/m-2.s)
    100/40’ ’ 260 32
    80/32’ ’ 343 43
    60/24’ ’ 430 55
    50/20’ ’ 560 70
    40/16’ ’ 688 90
    30/12’ ’ 965 136
    20/8’ ’ 1375 201

    Type/Region Power Voltage PPF Length Order Reference Number
    Toplighting LED 200W 200-430V 620µmol/s 1260mm ML-TRH20000
    Toplighting LED 660W 200-480V 1535/1780µmol/s 1187mm ML-TYU66001
    Interlighting LED 100W 200-400V 300µmol/s 2500mm ML-IXR10000

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