HORTI 750W HPS Fixture

The 750W double ended lamp is the most efficient HPS lamp on the market. The Nature's Miracle housing keeps the electronics cool, significantly reducing the possibility of faults and extending its operating life. In independent tests, the fixture came out as the coolest. To distribute the light, we offer the choice of three different reflectors, all of which deliver unprecedented uniformity of light.

  • Vossloh Schwabe Lampholder (from Germany).
  • Reflector: Alanod Germany.
  • Compact aluminum housing with excellent cooling and waterproof performance.
  • Wieland Connector – Plug & Play system.

    Voltage 120V 230V 240V 277V 347V 400V 480V
    Current 7.60A 3.46A 3.50A 2.91A 2.31A 1.98A 1.65A
    Power Consumption 805W 795W 795W 790W 785W 780W 775W
    Power Factor > 0,99
    Light Source Double ended electronic high pressure sodium lamp 750 Watt 400 Volt
    Dimensions 602x189x232mm
    Weight 4.38kg
  • 750W Double Ended Lamp Pro

    • Typical Par Output (PPF): 2100µmol/s
    • Lumen output maintenance rate ≥95% after 10000 hours

    • Vossloh Schwabe Lampholder (from Germany).
    • Miro 9/9036 GP
    • Proven reflection efficiency up to 95%
  • Easy Installation

    • The method of installation can be customized according to different greenhouse requirements.

    Power Voltage Lamp Type/Region Order Reference Number
    HPS 1000W 277V Double Ended United States H1-1000277DW-SNA
    347V Double Ended Canada H1-1000347DW-SNA
    400V Double Ended Europe H1-1000400DW-GN14
    480V Double Ended United States H1-1000480DW-SNA
    HPS 750W 400V Double Ended Europe H1-750400DW-GN14
    400V Single Ended Europe H1-750400QW-GN4
    HPS 600W 400V Double Ended Europe H1-600400DW-GN14
    400V Single Ended Europe H1-600400QW-GN4

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