Hanging vine hook HD type 220mm

  • Uses:Greenhouses or slow growing crops
  • Size:180mm/220mm

Product Parameters

Uses relatively low greenhouses or slow growing crops relatively high greenhouses (eg cucumbers) or other fast growing crops
Size 180mm 220mm
Brinkman provides the above two sizes of vine hooks, and the thickness of the vine rope can also be selected according to the type of crops you plant (we provide three kinds from thick to thin 1/1000, 1/1200 and 1/1500 size)

Product Manual


  • The hanging vine rope hook is a necessary tool for cultivating vegetables and fruits in professional gardening greenhouses.
  • Brinkman's boxed vine hooks can be customized in European factories in terms of hook size, rope width, rope length, rope color and color combination according to your needs. The vine hooks are very easy to open and stay open. The user can easily remove the vine hook from the box without tangling. No pre-preparation is required before use. Brinkman solutions for every situation and crop, e.g. cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and more.
  • The rope hooks are made of hardened steel in a special mould, which ensures the consistent size and quality of the hooks. If you need a hook with a free fall, you can decide the length of the cable and the length of the free fall at your own discretion.
  • HD vine hooks are primarily used in situations where additional supplemental support is required to aid growth. All cords of the HD vine hook are tied to the hook. The HD vine hook only has the part of the rope that is bundled, and there is no part that can fall freely.
  • HD vine hooks are usually hung between other vine rope hooks, in front of new branches. The rope is all wrapped around the hook. When using, according to actual needs, determine the length of the line.

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