Grafting clip PT9 1,0 mm (80.000)

  • Color:white

Product Parameters

Color white
Thickness 1,0 mm (80.000)

Product Manual


  • Grafting clip PT9 1,0 mm (80.000)


  • Grafting clip PT9 1,0 mm (80.000)


  • The PT9 is a soft and flexible clamp that holds tomato, pepper and eggplant plants and can be used in any weather condition. Available in a variety of plant sizes and 100% recyclable. Puts more grip on the wings, more grip than standard graft clips.
  • Royal Brinkman's full line of grafting clips are suitable for all horticultural crops. Growth conditions for seedlings are largely dependent on light conditions and temperature. In northern regions where winter planting is performed, seedlings are generally softer and longer, while in southern regions, the climate is warm, the light intensity is high, and the temperature is higher, so the seedlings are shorter and harder. Depending on these different growth conditions, the graft clips also require different changes.

custom made

  • Royal Brinkman can provide graft clips in different colors (red, green, yellow, blue, clear) according to customer needs. This makes it easy to distinguish between different varieties and sizes. All of our graft clips are made from food-safe 'food-safe certified' materials and are 100% recyclable. Our many years of product experience have brought us excellent product performance. Grafting technology is still in full development, so we are in close contact with plant breeders around the world to continuously develop and improve our grips.

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