BENOMIC Tube track cart

  • Cart length: 193cm
  • Motor: 0.37kW
  • Cart width: ctc+ 14cm
  • Weight: 450kg
  • Platform length: 170cm
  • Maximum workload: 120kg
  • Platform width: 42cm
  • Maximum speed: 60m/min
  • Minimum height: 63cm
  • Traction battery: 24/110V/Ah
  • Maximum height: 440cm
  • Pipe track ctc: 42-80cm

Product Parameters

Cart length 193 cm
Motor 0.37kW
Cart width ctc+ 14cm
Weight 450kg
Platform length 170cm
Maximum workload 120kg
Platform width 42cm
Maximum speed 60m/min
Minimum height 63cm
Traction battery 24/110V/Ah
Maximum height 440cm
Pipe track ctc 42-80cm

Product Manual


  • With its sleek, modern look, BENOMIC stands out from the crowd of tube rail cars. The cart has been completely redesigned and improved. BENOMIC can be used for growing and harvesting crops up to a maximum height of 300 cm.
  • Stabilizers are required above 300 cm.

Technical parameter

  • Cart length (cm):193 Motor (kW):0.37
  • Cart width (cm):ctc+ 14 Weight (kg):450
  • Platform length (cm):170 Maximum workload (kg):120
  • Platform width (cm):42 Maximum speed (m/min):60
  • Minimum height (cm):63 Traction battery (V/Ah):24/110
  • Maximum height (cm):440 Pipe track ctc (cm):42-80


  • Benomic is waterproof and has a smooth surface for easy cleaning
  • Driven by a 0.37 kW electric motor, the speed has been increased from 40 to 60 meters per minute
  • Maximum lift capacity increased from 250kg to 300kg
  • Clear switch settings, simple and reliable operation
  • At the touch of a button, the Benomic automatically rises (moves forward instead of sideways)
  • Simple maintenance
  • High-speed lift shears
  • Platform height

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